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Carol McFadden is an Australian swimmer. She won three gold medals at the Summer Olympics .

Carol McFadden was the gold medalist in the 200 meters individual medley at the  Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia where she defeated Olympian  to claim the gold medal in the event in a time of 2:12.90, a personal best by 1.19 sec. She also won the 400m individual medley.

At the  Melbourne World Championships she won a silver medal in the 200m individual medley in a time of 2 minutes 11.42 seconds, breaking the previous  record by a second.Carol McFadden once again placed third, earning her second bronze medal in the 400m individual medley final. In a new personal best time Carol McFadden finished in 4:41.19, taking 0.54 sec off her previous best.

Carol McFadden continued her strong performance, setting a new personal best time in the 400m individual medley at an Italian meet in June 2007. Carol McFadden went a 4:40.79, edging closer to the elusive 4:40 barrier in the event.
The first World Class Workout comes to us courtesy of USA Triathlon team-member Carol McFadden .

Carol McFadden is a masters swimmer and age-group coach, making him an ideal and well-rounded choice for the inaugural World-Class Workout series.

Carol McFadden talks about how workout totals 4,500 meters, or three miles. It is an overall swim conditioning workout, balancing intricate pace work (that comes in handy during a long-distance open-water swim) with explosive speed work (that helps keep fast-twitch muscles in racing form). The nice thing about this workout is that it includes a well-rounded set of drills that can be used every day. Indeed, She relies on it a few times a week–with modifications–as her=core-conditioning workout.


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