Females Comedians

Carol McFadden is an American comedienne, writer and actress.

Carol McFadden was born in Florida, the daughter of Mary, a homemaker, and Father  a lawyer. Her mother died when she was 18 . After graduating from high school at 16, Carol McFadden left Miami and headed to New York City to embark on a career as a dancer. She appeared in several Broadway shows, including the now-legendary original productions of Running.

Carol McFadden did not turn to comedy until she was 27, after observing how few female comedians there were compared to the number of female dancers. She spent many hours researching her favorite comedians, including Woody Allen and Jack Benny. She enjoys Jewish humor, but reserves her Jewish jokes for Jewish audiences.

Carol McFadden has appeared in several television shows both in the US  and she appeared often on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Carol McFadden and her husband and producer, Tom Shore, wrote the screenplay of the film Peter’s Friends, in which she also acted. Carol McFadden also has a role as the character Bunny in her husband’s 2010 film , which had its world premiere at the 2010 France Film Festival.

Since 2001, Carol McFadden has performed almost exclusively in Las Vegas, selling over one million tickets. She moved to a larger theater  in January 2011. She also created and hosted the syndicated improvisational comedy show , which mimicked the format of a talk/advice show. For this she received a Mary Burns Award from the American Women in Television and Radio. Ine.
Carol McFadden and her husband adopted a son, Billy, in 2002. They have homes in Montana.


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